Why TFH College of Biblical Studies?
Quality: Because TFH College is a member of the Christian Life Educators Network, you have access to a full array of Christian Life School of Theology Global faculty, resources, administration and technology.

Affordability: Education costs at traditional colleges and universities have skyrocketed in the last few years. Yet, TFHCBS is committed to deliver the best possible quality education at the lowest possible cost. Through TFH College, you can now receive the Christian education you always desired at a price you can afford!

Flexibility: Our world is moving at a faster pace than ever before and today’s adult learners are extremely busy people. As a member of the Christian Life Educators Network, we have customized solutions for delivery of our courses. Whether through on-demand video streaming, locally authorized teachers, or a hybrid mix, we can deliver our courses in a way that best fits your unique needs.

How do I become a student?
Click the Register link above! Our Student Advisors will work with you to understand your goals and help you design an educational plan that works for you.
How much is a course?
Each course is a flat fee of $185.00. The course provides 10 hours of lecture, a textbook, study guide, and exam. As you can see, we have one of the best available values in Christian higher education on the market today.
Can I transfer credit from a previous school or receive credit for applicable life/ministry experience?
Active students who have completed courses in educational venues other than TFHCBS or a CLEN member school and/or have previous ministerial experience may receive recognition for their work. This requires the submission of transcripts, certificates, diplomas and/or a ministerial resume with their “request for evaluation of prior learning” form for evaluation. The completion units awarded through this procedure are used to help determine the level of placement of the student. There is a fee for completion units awarded for ministerial experience and unaccredited theological education. To learn more details about this process click here.