Evaluation of Prior Learning

Active students who have completed courses in educational venues other than TFHCBS and/or have previous ministerial experience may receive recognition for their work. This requires the submission of transcripts, certificates, diplomas and/or a ministerial resumé to our office for evaluation. The completion units awarded through this procedure are used to help determine the level of placement of the student.

There is a fee for completion units awarded for ministerial experience and unaccredited theological education. We encourage you to take time to submit all transcripts and, if applicable, any ministerial experience in your request for evaluation. You will need to follow all directions on the form provided in order to receive the best evaluation possible.

General Guidelines
The Academic Dean follows these general guidelines in awarding competion units for prior learning:

  • Individuals must be active students before requesting an evaluation of work for which they hope to receive recognition.
  • Units awarded are officially applied to a student’s transcript only upon completion of the residency requirement of five courses (15 units) and payment of applicable fees unless other agreements have been officially entered into by TFHCBS.
  • Students are responsible to gather all transcripts, resumés, certificates, diplomas, etc., for submission.
  • Although the number of completion units awarded may be limited by the number of years of experience documented, the review of material submitted will be concerned primarily with the skills, knowledge, and abilities gained rather than on the length of experience.
  • Students may request an additional Evaluation of Prior Learning before beginning a new degree program.

Evaluation of Accredited Non-theological College Courses
Students having earned college credit or degrees from accredited institutions in fields other than theology may receive up to sixty (60) units for this work. This placement is determined by the evaluation of transcripts submitted by the requesting student and endorsed by our Academic Dean. Courses must have a GPA of 2.0 or more (C). Grades of D or below will not be accepted.

Evaluation of Accredited Theological College Courses
Students having earned college credit in theology courses from accredited institutions may receive full or partial recognition for their work. This placement is determined by the evaluation of transcripts submitted by the requesting student and endorsed by the Dean of TFHCBS. Courses must have a GPA of 2.0 (C) or higher. Grades of D or below will not be accepted.

Non-accredited Non-theological Studies
Units are not awarded for this work.

Non-accredited Theological Studies
Students will attach a transcript for each school or class attended. The successful completion of courses will be counted toward Advance Standing. A fee/unit will be charged.

Evaluation of Ministerial Experience
Ministerial experience completion units may be awarded to applicants, especially licensed and ordained ministers. Ministerial experience is recognized up to a maximum award of sixty (60) units for full-time ordained ministers and licensed ministers and eighteen (18) units for lay ministers. Evaluation requests must specify whether minisetrial work is full-time or part-time. Copies of licenses and/or ordination certificates must be submitted.

Student Placement
Units awarded as Advanced Standing help place the student in an advanced level of his/her program of study. Awarded units will not be applied until all applicable fees are paid, and the student completes 15 units of course work to establish residency. From this point, TFHCBS adds the awarded units for prior learning, and the student works forward to the next higher level of study. If a degree point has been reached or passed, the student may apply for the award of the appropriate degree.