About Us

TFH College of Biblical Studies offers theological degree programs; including certificate, diploma, associate, bachelor, master’s, and doctorate. Each level is based on a certain number of unit completions. The classes are taught by solid Bible teachers with a Spirit-filled background. The majority of teachers carry a master’s or doctorate level of education and are considered experts in their respective fields.

The majority of classes are delivered online. Our online delivery system includes the video lectures and copies of the course syllabus/study guide, as well as an exam. Some classes may delivered by locally-authorized teachers at one of our partner churches. Classes include 10 hours of instruction for a flat fee of $185. 

TFHCBS is a member of the Global Christian Life Educators Network (CLEN).

CLEN is a world-wide network of Bible schools and students with headquarters in Columbus, Georgia. TFH College of Biblical Studies is a higher Christian education outreach of Christian Life School of Theology Global and the Christian Life Educators Network.

Through Christian Life School of Theology Global and CLEN, TFH College of Biblical Studies offers cutting edge theological education that is uniquely designed to meet your educational and training needs.

Christian Life School of Theology Global and CLEN have served thousands of churches and tens of thousands of students world-wide. It is a premier global provider of Christian higher education, programs and resources. 

Our History

The Father's House has been committed to raising up high capacity leaders for the body of Christ since its founding in 1996. Pastors Terry and Anita Mahan recognized the need was high for emerging leaders to have access to a more in-depth study of the Bible from a Spirit-filled perspective. The solution needed to include high-quality, solid Bible teaching that was also affordable and accessible to the busy life of today’s student.